Saturday, March 31, 2012

And so it begins...

I started diving in 1998.  My then-fiancée (now wife), Sandra, worked at a gym in Launceston and one of the guys in her classes was a dive instructor.  She suggested we do an open water diver course with him, before our honeymoon.  After the course, our first dives were on the coral reefs of Samoa!  Simplicity is: diving in the tropics with nothing but a BC and bathers.

The diving I do now bears no resemblance to tropical diving.  I favour twin tanks, a drysuit and long runtimes.  Despite the cold and dark, the beauty of deep water fascinates me.  The saturated colours and specialised animals are magnets for my camera, and the art of underwater photography is my prime reason to dive.

A big dive has a life of its own.  From planning, through preparation to execution it is attention to detail that ensures a smooth dive with no dramas or unexpected problems. The challenge of safely completing a deep dive stimulates my mind and I get satisfaction from a dive done well.

Now I’m ready for my next challenge: Trimix.  I’ll soon be doing a Trimix course and I plan to share my experience on this blog.


  1. Good luck with your course - I'm an advanced trimix diver and closed circuit diver - looking forward to read about your experience !

  2. Great pictures.

    I prefer shallower dives to deep myself. I've always thought there's more sealife activity at shallower depths.

    How deep are you diving for the specialized animals, and are the life forms you see there as abundant as those that live in the 2 - 3 meter range?